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Cosmic Corner

  • Life is Music

    A few years ago, I discovered a new passion. We had been traveling a lot, and while I was capturing the sights and sounds with my phone camera, it ...
  • Behind the Song: Please Come Home Soon

    Behind the Song: Please Come Home Soon

    An intimate process for an intimate song...

  • Join our Cosmic Tape Music Club!

    Are you a Cosmic Voyager? Then we want to hang out with you! Come Join the Club.
  • Patch & Tell: A Modular Synthesizer Meetup

    Making music with modular synthesizers is like world building. It's endless, it completely sucks you in, and you tune out the rest of the world. Th...
  • A Groovy Night In

    Whether it’s the rain, the cold, or the grind of the workweek, having a night in can still be a groovy time. Don’t get the blues, just head to the sunken living room in your mind, slip into something more velour, and settle in for a night of groovin.