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Bebe & Louis Barron, with special guest Todd Barton: Episode 14 of the Podcast is Out Now!

Bebe and Louis Barron, with special guest Todd Barton: Episode 14

Episode 14 of the Cosmic Tape Music Club Podcast, hosted by The Galaxy Electric is officially available for your listening pleasure!


In our newest podcast episode, we are covering Bebe and Louis BarronOur favorite tape music duo, who happened to create the score to the greatest Sci-Fi film of all time - Forbidden Planet (1956). Before synthesizers, these two were blowing up circuits to craft the sound of the mysterious monster from another planet...

If you love the history of early electronic music, you will seriously love this episode! 

PLUS - we brought on a very special guest for a Part 2 to this episode (an included bonus!) - our good friend in sci-fi, buchla and the Barrons - Todd Barton! - to answer all our burning questions from Part 1, and enjoy a casual chat about Cybernetics, AI in music & art, and our shared love of Forbidden Planet!


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