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A Week of SYNTH Mania!

This month is already chock full of SYNTH fun, so we wanted to give you the full rundown!

It all starts with a new Synth Friends stream tomorrow - THURS at 6pm EST

Get to know Marie Ann Hedonia - who will be joining us LIVE on our Thursday Twitch stream

Synth Friends Marie Ann Hedonia

Marie is an electronic music producer and synth enthusiast who works out of her studio, Paul and Marie’s Country Kitchen, in Baltimore, MD. She feels most at home working with modular synthesizers and feels as though they are her creative partners.

Give her a follow on Instagram and join us Thurs* for a happy hour hang!

*Follow our Twitch Channel for notifications when we start our streams, so you can join the live chat! It’s a super fun, positive and supportive space to ask questions, joke around, and get to know each other more!

And, in other SYNTH news…we will be joining this MASSIVE Synth Fest this weekend!

SYNTON 909 2022

This online fest kicks off Thurs Sept 8 as we lead into the glorious 9/09 day on Friday!

And our slot is on Monday at 9am EST - on our twitch channel
and we will be featuring our love of the 909 - so get ready to groove out!!


And…. let’s not forget about Sci-Fi Movie night!!

There’s still time to vote on what movie we will watch on the stream on Saturday night…

So jump in the Discord and place your vote!!


SUPER Excited for all the SYNTH fun we are about to get into.

See y’all in the streams!!

- Augustus & Jacqueline


P.S. Here is the full schedule: 

THURS Sept 8 at 6pm EST - "Synth Friends" live on our Twitch Channel with Marie Ann Hedonia

FRI Sept 9 - all day synth fest in honor of 9/09 day - www.sython.live for the full stream

SAT Sept 10 at 6pm EST - Sci-Fi Movie Night live on our Twitch Channel - vote now in the Discord to pick the movie

SUN Sept 11 - more SYNTHON Fest

MON Sept 12 - our performance for Synthon FEST at 9am EST on our Twitch Channel


Synton 909 2022



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