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Celestial Points: A Cosmic Drone Album CD
Celestial Points: A Cosmic Drone Album CD
Celestial Points: A Cosmic Drone Album CD
Celestial Points: A Cosmic Drone Album CD
Celestial Points: A Cosmic Drone Album CD
Celestial Points: A Cosmic Drone Album CD
Celestial Points: A Cosmic Drone Album CD

Celestial Points: A Cosmic Drone Album CD

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🌚  Our NEWEST Album .... is a Cosmic Drone collection 💫

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Take a cosmic journey through Inner Space…

Let this be your cosmic musical guide; Gently settled in the background of your subconscious mind...or even deeper into sleep.

We hope you find this collection of cosmic ambient drones the perfect soundtrack to your journey…

Whether that be meditation, a relaxing bubble bath, a quiet walk in the woods, or a focused task (like playing video games or soldering)

This Cosmic Drone Album contains: 

1+ hour of music ...not available on Youtube or Spotify!

  • recorded live in October 2020 focused on celebrating the Autumnal Equinox 🌝 🍁🍂  and featuring pumpkins from a local farm 🎃
  • intentionally curated for this album
  • high quality direct audio from the live performance (NOT streaming audio quality) 
  • BONUS Drone Performance from May 31, 2020 focused on celebrating the Spring Equinox and featuring Peonies from our front yard 🌸
  • Bonus Drone was streamed live and has digitally mastered audio and video with a portion available on youtube 

Personal Statement from the Artists: 

We started out the year 2020 performing our cosmic drones on livestream. Then COVID happened.

And though we felt thrown by it, we felt called to show up even more.

In doing so, we discovered a community of people who enjoyed and shared our drone sessions for a variety of reasons. It was all so fascinating. And we had reasons of our own too!

Over time, we received more and more requests to curate an album that could be played continuously, at the highest possible audio quality, and allow for a binaural, or relaxation experience (especially if headphones are used 🎧)) *

Because we've always recorded these sessions completely live, we felt we needed to honor that element. It seemed to carry some of the power of the experience too. We spent months preparing to have the correct equipment and plenty of opportunities to test it all before setting up for the recording sessions. Augustus even had a new custom case built for his modular buchla synthesizer. That process took pretty much the whole time since we started planning this album (more than six months...). 

This October, we were finally ready! We were able to capture some really powerful performances - they were both streamed live at the time of recording - and we recorded the audio and video direct, with the highest quality possible. 

This has become, "Celestial Points," an album for which we are incredibly proud. It truly encapsulates what we love about buchla, the healing magic of sound, our love of sci-fi themes, and the community that has been built around our livestream sessions. 

We hope you will find this music and the accompanying videos (which can be purchased on CD, DVD, Digital Download, or the Ultimate Bundle), an inspiring, uplifting, centering and celebratory experience for you this season...and any time you need it. 

*we also had a lot of requests for limited edition cassettes, which can be found HERE while they last! 

Happy Holidays, Happy 2020, and Welcome 2021...we are so glad to be able to share this with you right now.

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You can find more full drone sessions on our IGTV channel or Youtube for an endless stream of cosmic bliss.