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What We've Been Up To (since March 2020)

Back in March, we released our very first cover song... the classic tune we took to outer space - "Stardust

We released a very space-y music video for this song too! 

So what have we been up to since then? Well.... a lot has happened in the world since then and we have been busy - so we wanted to catch you up!

In April we launched a bunch of new Oddities in our Cosmic Shop - we called it our Cosmic VIP Sale 🎉  and we did giveaways each day as we released each new item. It was a lot of fun and now our Shop is filled with wondrous new delights for you to explore. 

We LOVE the new Cosmic Tape Music Club merch - Tshirts, Mugs and a Sweatshirt - that showcase our obsession with tape machine experimentation. 

It was super fun to release our debut album on CD - something we've been asked for a lot and finally were able to do! 

Oh and we are super proud of the Buchla Sample Library we created, so you can add space age bleeps and bloops to your sound palette too! 

But what we didn't expect was that our custom handmade Tape Loops would SELL OUT! We handcrafted blank loops for you to use in your studio - and....some special limited edition loops that feature sounds from our studio. 

These tape loops are one of a kind - and we are thrilled with the overwhelming response to them. So we've decided to make a new limited Series of them - Coming Soon! *send us an email at info@thegalaxyelectric.com if you want to be on the early bird list for when these drop (they sold out in two days last time!) 

What we love about this current future world we live in is being able to connect directly with you. That's what brings us the most joy and inspiration to keep making music - getting to chat with you....whether its email or DMs or on a facebook live!

From Live Drone performances to Cosmic Conversations in our private facebook group - to Live soldering a video synth or making tape loops live....

So far this year.... we've had more live chats with you than ever before! It has helped so much especially during this time of isolation and confusion. We thank you for being part of our Cosmic community and supporting us right now. It has helped us through some real struggles and lifted our spirits. 

Thank you for just being there. 

And if you've made it this far....we have some special news to share with you. A reward for your support and patience! huzzah! 

What we've been spending most of our time on in these past few months....is our new album!!!!!

That's right! Our new album is almost ready for you. This will be our second full length album....and it's going to be very very special. There is so much more we want to share, but for now....just know we are working hard to make it the best it can possibly be....and this will be a cosmic voyage that will take you to new heights...

....you may not make it back to earth after this....

Stay cosmic, friend! and be well! We will have much more to share very soon! 


  • I checked out the videos over the weekend and was really impressed. Best of all it calmed me (and that’s not easy)! Keep up the “chill”.

    Rick Mikszan
  • I checked out the videos over the weekend and was really impressed. Best of all, they really calmed me (which is hard to do)! Keep up the “chill”.

    Rick Mikszan
  • I checked out the videos over the weekend and I was really impressed. Plus, they really calmed me down, and that’s not easy! Keep up the “chill”.

    Rick Mikszan
  • I checked out the videos over the weekend and was really impressed, and they calmed me down (which isn’t easy)! Keep up the “chill”.

    Rick Mikszan
  • Just Fabulous! Thank you for sharing your “Fantástica” Vibe!


    AEM-Sonicae [Nep Tune]

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