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Buchla Sample Library Vol. 1
Buchla Sample Library Vol. 1
Buchla Sample Library Vol. 1
Buchla Sample Library Vol. 1
Buchla Sample Library Vol. 1

Buchla Sample Library Vol. 1

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👩‍🚀  ...If you’re looking for NEW sounds from another planet…

...this is JUST the thing!!

...And we promise....we come in peace 👽 ✌️

Using any DAW or hardware sampler....these sounds are sure to inspire!!

🚀  In only a few clicks...you'll be on your way to the creative zone  🚀

These sounds are derived from a combination of modules including the all-analog Buchla Music Easel as well as some 200e series modules (259e and 296e) to get a contrast between vintage and modern Buchla design

Enjoy this first volume of sounds* to get started Today!!

*Made from a Buchla-style modular synthesizer system


The library consists of the following categories:

259 OSC - a collection of 88 medium decay percussive hits that take you through both the green and red timbres of the 259e Twisted Waveform Generator. The warp control is stepped through for each timbre so the full spectra of waveshapes the module is capable of is represented.

296 noise perc loops - I wanted to see if I could make drum machine style rhythms using the VCAs for the different bands of the 296e Spectral Processor. I used an old book filled with drum machine patterns and selected patterns at random to program. There are 10 patterns that broke down into full, low, mid and high frequency ranges so you can make dynamic performances with the loops. 

bongo loops 90 - Buchla bongos are probably the most well known as well as one of the best examples the unique tonal varieties possible with a buchla style modular setup. Here we've got a selection of 10 90 BPM loops consisting of 259e Twisted Waveform Generator, Lowpass Gate, sequenced using the characteristic 5-note sequencer. 

bongo loops 120 - Further explorations of the buchla bongo concept, but this time we have the tempo ramped up to 120 BPM. These are similar to the 90 BPM versions in timbre involving the 250e Twisted Waveform Generator, Lowpass Gate, and 5-note sequencer. The collection includes 10 120 BPM loops.

easel bongos - these are 10 one shots that were carefully selected to represent the buchla bongo sound. This time there are all analog and yield from an early model Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments (BEMI) Music Easel. The Music Easel consists of the multifaceted 208 Stored Program Sound Source and 218e Touch Activated Voltage Source. These tones are very organic and warm sounding.

easel gestures - these are a collection of 20 gestures derived from the BEMI Music Easel. I made use of the Easel's Program Card slot to allow sending random voltage to the attack and decay times of the envelope generator. I am also sending random voltage to the modulation oscillator's modulation index and frequency

fm bloops - a collection of 20 one shots that are short and resemble the easel bongos, but differ in that they are radically modulated using Frequency Modulation or FM

modulated bloops - a collection of 10 one shots that also resemble the easel bongos but differ in that they are intensely modulated using Amplitude Modulation or AM


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