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TAPE-ify Your Digital Tracks!

We hear it all the time - 

Tape is too expensive


Tape is too noisy


Tape is too difficult

AND our favorite…

It’s 2020, Digital is King, the debate is OVER!

Well….we respectfully disagree :)

And we challenge you to the Tape Vs. Digital Challenge….

We LOVE the 


and “instant” retro feeling of Tape…

And we understand that you

- may not have access to a Tape Machine

- the time to use and maintain it

But you still want what Tape offers

So Today….

......Drum Roll Please…… 

We are officially Launching >>>


Here’s how it works: 

STEP 1 —> You make a digital recording of your music (or someone else’s) 

STEP 2 —> You choose the tape machine, tape type and speed for your recording in our Shop

STEP 3 —> You send us the digital file 

STEP 4 —> We TAPE-ify your digital file per your specifications

TA DA! —>
You receive the TAPE-ified digital file back

Now we know….

We make it sound easy, 

…but this is something we have spent years perfecting. 

Tape recording is fun (which many of you may already know ;) 
- but it can be finnicky…

A good, functioning Tape Machine can be almost impossible to find…or simply way out of budget…

And then there’s a ton of maintenance required that even we get down about from time to time…

So we came up with an an easy, cost-effective way for you to get the Tape sound without the hassle. 

TAPE-ify IT!

Watch Augustus explain more in this video...

We can’t wait to TAPE-IFY your tracks!

If you know someone who would LOVE to use our TAPE-ify service, go ahead and send them this link. —> 

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