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Ever wish you had some special sauce to make your track sound more vintage or retro? 

We have the perfect solution.

We have come to love the sound of analog tape. Whether it be cassette, reel to reel, high speed, or low speed - they all have a sound of their own. 

We used to spend hours trying to add the right plug-ins, guitar amp or pre-amp simulations, distortions, even tape simulators to try and get the vintage vibe. Then we discovered that if you record something to an analog medium like cassette or reel to reel something magic happens to the sound. 

We have even come to welcome the hiss that you get with tape as opposed to the often sterile sounding digital recording environments.

However, we discovered a couple problems:

  1. Tape machines are often 30 to 40 years old or more and need some degree of servicing, most likely yearly, to keep up and running. 
  2. A lot of times people will sell you a machine that is in excellent condition and it breaks after a week of use. (We still have these types of problems even with our current machines.)
  3. Getting good results takes practice and varies greatly from machine to machine. 

We still love being able to take advantage of the conveniences of digital. 

  • Storage is only limited to the amount of disk space
  • Editing is easy once you get the hang of it
  • The sound quality doesn’t degrade every time you play the track
  • Complete recall of a mix when it takes days, weeks, or months to complete projects 

The Solution! 

Let us Tape-ify your digital recordings. 

Whether you record to a computer, phone, tablet, or stand alone recorder, send us your mono, stereo, or even up to four track recordings, and we will record them to cassette or reel to reel and send you the high resolution digital track in all of its tape-ified glory. 

How it works

- Choose a Tape Stock or Speed Option from the variants list
- Enter the Quantity at Checkout equal to the length in minutes of the recording
- If more than one track, add up the total minutes for the Quantity at Checkout
- Minimum of 1 minute and if it is over the 30 second mark please round up to the next quantity.
*Mono and Stereo are the same price as they will be recorded in the same pass, multiple mono tracks will require the amount of minutes x the number of tracks. If single tracks are recorded in the same pass they will incur crosstalk.

Email us a link to your file here: info@thegalaxyelectric.com

Let Augustus tell you more about this service:

Sound Examples Description

These are the sound examples of the different tape stocks and recording speeds I offer for my service Tape-ify available at https://thegalaxyelectricshop.com/products/tape-ify. Here we have an 8 bar loop that I recorded with Tascam Porta02MkII Cassette 4 track and TEAC A-3440 Open Reel tape recorders. 

There are two different High Bias cassette types used. The Lofi Type II is an unknown brand thin low quality tape. The XLII Type II is a higher quality Maxell XLII formula. The Open reel is recorded using an RMGI LPR35 1/4" tape at both 7.5 (Low Speed) and 15 (High Speed) Inches Per Second.

The stereo mixes were recorded straight off of the stereo outputs of my Apogee Element 46 audio interface. The summed stereo were closely approximated mixes based off of the digital stereo mix using the individually recorded stems of each track. 

All individual tracks are soloed and bounced out as they are in the summed mixes. 

All tracks are 24 Bit 48kHz stereo except for the bass which is mono. 

The results are interesting very interesting and not as predictable as I thought as I was recording and mixing these tracks. The Low Speed Open Reel is meaty a little noisier and favors the low end, but is great for meaty drums and bass. The High Speed Open reel is great for stereo mix sweetening and instruments with more detailed highs. The High and Lofi cassette are a little more predictable, but I was surprised how much mojo the summed mix and some of the stems were. 

The Gear:

TEAC A-3440 4-track Reel to Reel

This is a 70’s gem with two speeds of 7 ½ and 15 IPS. Both speeds can be useful for different colorings of tone. The low speed 7 ½ IPS option handles low end better but doesn’t reproduce the highs as well and is a bit noisier. The 15 IPS option has the lowest noise floor of any of my current options and has a nice overall frequency response. I use it most of the time as a lovely analog sweetener. I love the low speed option for bass heavy synth or electronic percussion. I love the 15 IPS for vocals, twinkly synth, or any acoustic instrument. Mono, Stereo or 4 track options are available. 

Tascam Porta 02 mkII Portastudio

This a 4 track machine, although only two tracks can be recorded at once so 4 track recordings are not compatible with this recorder or any of our current cassette options. It is fixed speed at 1 ⅞ IPS (inches per second), which is considered normal cassette speed. The tape stock used can be a choice of either higher quality Maxell XLII High Bias Cr02 Tape or an unkown brand of low quality High Bias Cr02 tape. Why would you want to record to low quality tape? It has a sound. It is noisier and less consistent and you can easily hear the difference in the sound examples, but I have recorded many types of things to it and if you are going for a crispier lofi than the C-108 with normal bias, give the low quality Cr02 a try. Mono or Stereo options are available.