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A Cosmic Holiday Tale

I have a long story to share. It’s about the holidays and music. I think you’ll want to hear this.

Last Christmas Eve, we almost released a new holiday song.

But we didn’t.

This year, we’ve made something that we think is even better and more authentic to what we want most for our music to do. And that is to help you live a more cosmic life.

This is a story about how much you inspire us to be better, more thoughtful musicians; and how we learned to follow our bliss and trust our instincts.

Last year, we had a spark on Christmas Eve. A musical spark. And since we were enjoying the magic of the season, we followed the sound and put aside the plans we had for the day.

All day and night we recorded and mixed and planned out how we would release this song to you on Christmas Day.

It felt like Santa himself was sprinkling cosmic dust over our house and helping us along.

And by midnight on Christmas Eve, we had done it. Like the perfectly wrapped pile of presents under the tree and cookies left by the fireplace, we were ready to head to bed and let the magic unfold for everyone in the morning.

But, as we both settled in to our finest Christmas cozies...we got an unsettling feeling....

Something wasn’t right.

And we both felt it.

Bolting upright, we rushed to the studio to take in all that we had done, just one last time. We must be overly exhausted and excited and over thinking this. Back to bed, right?


Something was wrong. But at the same, all was right.

Because in the act of following our cosmic bliss, we learned that we were capable of all that we accomplished that Christmas Eve.

And knowing that it just wasn’t right, that we both felt that, and that we felt good about letting it go after all that hard work, felt the most right of all.

And so 2020 came.

With it, our buchla cosmic drones became a regular Sunday practice.

What started out as an idea to share something more personal with you, unexpectedly became a new way for people to discover our cosmic community.

Then COVID happened.

And it threw us off balance. But our immense gratitude for our health, shelter and safety pulled us to keep droning for you 

Each week, we were amazed by the response to our cosmic drones, not just in people watching them, but in the messages and emails we received.

Over time, we received more and more requests to curate an album that could be played continuously, at the highest possible audio quality, and allow for a binaural, or relaxation experience (especially if headphones are used 🎧))*

Because we've always recorded these sessions completely live, we felt we needed to honor that element.

It seemed to carry some of the power of the experience too.

We spent months preparing to have the correct equipment and plenty of opportunities to test it all before setting up for the recording sessions.

Augustus even had a new custom case built for his modular buchla synthesizer. 

This October, we were finally ready!

We were able to capture some really powerful performances - they were both streamed live at the time of recording - and we recorded the audio and video direct, with the highest quality possible. 

This has become, "Celestial Points," an album for which we are incredibly proud.

It truly encapsulates what we love about buchla, the healing magic of sound, our love of sci-fi themes, and the community that has been built around our livestream sessions. 

This is the Holiday Music we’ve always wanted to make.


If you have made it this far, thank you for reading. 

We hope you will find this music and the accompanying videos (which can be purchased on CD, DVD, Digital Download, or the Ultimate Bundle), an inspiring, uplifting, centering and celebratory experience for you this season...and any time you need it. 


Happy Holidays, Happy 2020, and Welcome 2021...we are so glad to be able to share this with you right now.

*we also had a lot of requests for limited edition cassettes, which can be found HERE while they last! 


  • Hi Jacqueline, thanks for sharing your story that is interesting. Best Cosmic wishes. 🛸👍

    Denis Canavan
  • That was a great read we have nothing but love for you.
    Stay safe.
    Brigette & Pete

    Pete Lincoln

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