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Calm Down (Single) - Deluxe Digital Download
The Galaxy Electric - Calm Down Enhanced Digital Single

Calm Down (Single) - Deluxe Digital Download

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Ever find yourself stressed? Overworked or underpaid? 

We’ve got you covered with this Cosmic Tonic Elixir of a song

Anxiety no more!

When you purchase this Deluxe Download, you will receive so much more than the song itself! 

You will also receive a curated, themed photo album and lyric sheet to fully transport you to a faraway galaxy...

...a calming cosmic space you can return to again and again every time you flip through the photos as you listen to the song. 

This Deluxe Download package is only available when you order directly from us >> here in The Galaxy Electric Shop! <<

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Your calming cosmic voyage is just a click away…...

This Deluxe Digital Download package includes:

  • Digital track - High Resolution and Compressed MP3 versions

  • Album Artwork

  • Themed Photo Album

  • Lyric Sheet

Always sounds best on Vinyl!