🚀 Vinyl & More...

Your PORTAL Orientation

Welcome to Your Portal Orientation!

If you are wondering what the Portal holds for you...then you are in the right place!

Watch this Video message to get your PEEK inside! 

As soon as the Portal opens to reveal our first batch of Limited Edition oddities - you will receive an email with a link to grab these items before they are gone forever!!

Keep this in mind during your trip through the Portal: 

#1.) Make sure you are getting our emails and they aren't going to SPAM (just reply to our email or add us to your whitelist!)

#2.) Be the FIRST to grab these items when they whooooshhh! out of the Portal (just click the link and add to cart!)

#3.) The Portal will close for these items and will open again when more are ready. (we will email you!)

#4.) HAVE FUN!! (this is what it's all about!!) 

See you in the Portal 👋 

P.S. If you have any questions about the Portal, please email us at info@thegalaxyelectric.com