The Galaxy Electric - Tomorrow Was Better Yesterday - Enhanced Digital EP

Tomorrow Was Better Yesterday - Enhanced Digital EP

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The Galaxy Electric's Improvised Cosmic Tape Adventure

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"A unique record from the start, The Galaxy Electric create a sound you didn’t know you needed to hear, pushing boundaries with different sounds and beats throughout the whole of their new record in a way that I didn’t think was possible. One of the most interesting records I’ve heard this year." - Thinking Lyrically

If you like your music strange, yet soothing, then step inside our world!

Maybe it’s work stress, maybe it’s apocalyptic anxiety, or maybe relationship problems; we’ve all got those. With our New EP - you can put on your headphones as you commute, or at the end of your day with a glass of whiskey, and soak yourself back in. Maybe your mind will take you through to a solution for your worries - Or maybe it will simply tell you it’s ok to rest for a while. Maybe it will help you let loose, unwind, and laugh with a friend. Whatever it may be, we hope it fills you with inspiration, hope and most of all a smile. If you find it, remember to savor it, share it, and follow it truly. 


Full Length Digital Album 

 The download includes:
  • Digital Album - Hi Resolution and Compressed MP3 versions
  • Album Artwork
  • Themed Photo Album
  • Lyric Sheets
  • A surprise from The Galaxy Electric 



Album Credits:

Improvised by Jacqueline Caruso and Augustus Green

Tracked by Jacqueline Caruso and Augustus Green to 4 track 1/4" Tape

Mixed and Edited by Augustus Green

Jacqueline Caruso on Mellotron M4000D Mini, Korg Delta, and Vocals

Augustus Green Guitar, FX, Sampler, Tape Machine and Buchla Music Easel (BEMI re-issue)

Mastered by Jesse Cannon