The Galaxy Electric - Everything is Light and Sound - Enhanced Digital Album

Everything is Light and Sound - Enhanced Digital Album

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The Galaxy Electric's Debut Album will make you nostalgic for a past that never was 💫 

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“Their Take On Organ-Driven Psychedelia Recalls The Space And Breath Of Portishead And The Whimsy Of Os Mutantes. {Temporal}, This Plaintive Cut, From Their Forthcoming Everything Is Light And Sound, Sounds Like It Could Be The Flip Side Of The Coin Of Bowie's "Space Oddity", With Major Tom's Wife Exhorting Him To Return To Her.” - Metro Music Scene

The album narrative:

Everything is Light and Sound is a Cosmic Retro-Futuristic tale about exploring the mind and subconscious. 

The journey begins in a very relaxing, calming way. You are starting to become very relaxed and your mind is open, light and free. There is a perfectly good explanation for all of this. As the journey continues we take a more terrestrial route, while putting the space time continuum to the test. Down a tunnel filled with echoing street noises consisting of horns honking and a miniature marching band; we suddenly find light and all is restored with joyous bells and bouncing rhythm. With joy comes sleepiness and we fall into a deep dreaming state, only to find a new adventure has just begun. After being catapulted and sling shot from planet to planet, we find ourselves in an inner tube floating down a winding, tropical lagoon lined with palm trees and coconuts. When deciding to breach the shore to explore, we take witness to something we have never seen before!!?? It haunts us in our sleep and forces us to ponder the spooks of night. There seems to be an intoxicating, slow funk space jam playing on repeat as our minds venture freely. Oddly, I think I hear the doorbell, our doorbell, I start to wonder if this has all been a dream, suspicious yet unconfirmed. Finally, I awaken. It had all been a dream and I realize I am missing you. 

Full Length Digital Album 

 The download includes:
  • Digital Album - Hi Resolution and Compressed MP3 versions
  • Album Artwork
  • Themed Photo Album
  • Lyric Sheets
  • A surprise from The Galaxy Electric 



Album Credits:

Written by Jacqueline Caruso and Augustus Green

Tracked by Eddie Rivas at Total Annihilation Studios

Mixed by Augustus Green

Jacqueline Caruso on Mellotron M4000D Mini and Vocals

Augustus Green on Bass and Buchla Music Easel (BEMI re-issue)

Susan Lucia on drum set and Grayson Fiske on Vibraphone 

Mastered by Joe Lambert