The Galaxy Electric - Calm Down Enhanced Digital Single

Calm Down (Single) - Enhanced Digital Single

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The Galaxy Electric's Premiere Single 💫 Take a ride down the cosmic slide as we invite you to...Calm Down...

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“[Calm Down] Has An Odd Pop Lilt That Distinguishes Itself From The Vast Hordes Of Indistinguishable Songs That Vie For Attention At Any Given Moment. It's A Rhythmic Eye-Opener, With Endless Amounts Of Memorable Melodies And Tiered Harmonies." - Nooga.Com

Dream a little dream with us as we blend timbres like mellotron saxaphones, vibraphone, bass guitar, and jazz trap set. You may recognize the bloops and bleeps that fade in and out at the beginning and middle of the track as being the Buchla Music Easel. 

Digital Single Download as featured as song #2 on Everything is Light and Sound

The download includes:
  • Digital track - Hi Resolution and Compressed MP3 versions
  • Album Artwork
  • Themed Photo Album
  • Lyric Sheet



Song Credits:

Written by Jacqueline Caruso and Augustus Green

Tracked by Eddie Rivas at Total Annihilation Studios

Mixed by Augustus Green

Jacqueline Caruso on Mellotron M4000D Mini and Vocals

Augustus Green on Bass and Buchla Music Easel (BEMI re-issue)

Susan Lucia on drum set and Grayson Fiske on Vibraphone 

Mastered by Joe Lambert