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Custom Vintage Sci-Fi Sound FX Cassette
Custom Vintage Sci-Fi Sound FX Cassette
Custom Vintage Sci-Fi Sound FX Cassette

Custom Vintage Sci-Fi Sound FX Cassette

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Limited Edition Blue Glitter Cassettes with 5 minutes per side of custom made cosmic sounds just for you!

  • travel through outer space
  • dodge asteroid fields
  • encounter alien lifeforms
  • who knows what else??


Each custom cassette is made to order for YOU!


Our sound fx will take you far from home and induce an uplifting feeling in your heart.

Inspired by Vintage Sci-Fi Sound design in film and television, this cassette serves as a nod to the past with it's eye on a brighter future. 

We use a mostly analog recording studio inspired by early electronic music pioneers who utilized magnetic tape in the making of their compositions to create your cosmic experience.

Instruments used include (but are not limited to) our ever-evolving buchla modular synthesizer system, Koma Elektronik field kit for electroacoustic elements and radio signals, tape echoes, and various hand percussion, household objects, and effects units. 

A Rare Collector's Item & A One-of-a-Kind!

No two cassettes can be alike. Each one will take its listener on a unique journey. Each listen will carry you to a new world. 


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