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Who is Sun Ra?

Sun Ra
For the month of February our private facebook group, the Cosmic Tape Music Club, will be focusing our collective research on the mythical pioneer, Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Solar Arkestra.

Please join us in the group to help us in our mission, to learn and share, and be part of the conversation that will become this month's podcast episode!*

*This year we are recording our Cosmic Conversations for a podcast! We will be featuring your personal music and all the research we do together. You can listen wherever you get your podcasts...and may even hear your own music on the episode! 

Who is Sun Ra?

Sun Ra is more MYTH than man...Claiming he was from Saturn....and that at a young age he was abducted by aliens, experiencing transmolecularization!

He created an entire world of musical vibrations around this MYTH - he built a community, a sound, and an experience for anyone who heard this music to be transported out of their ordinary, earth-bound lives....and into a cosmic perspective. 

Watch this wonderful BBC Documentary if you want to get out-of-this-world!! 🚀
Once you are caught up, feel free to share other articles, videos or album links in the private group

Recommended Listening:
Sun Ra, "Space Probe," (1974) - the first known commercial recording using a MiniMoog!

Read more about this album HERE which explains more about how he came to meet Bob Moog. 

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  • Hi there fellow cosmos travellers since tuning in to your vibes I now feel tuned in especially now that I have been introduced Sun Ra I’m now enjoying a infusion of jazz and funk into my 🌎 along with Parliament 🖖🙏💜☮️

    Chris Dawson

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