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Who Is Peter Zinovieff?

Peter Zinovieff
For the month of January our private facebook group, the Cosmic Tape Music Club, will be focusing our collective research on the British electronic music pioneer, Peter Zinovieff.
Please join us in the group to help us in our mission, to learn and share, and be part of the LIVE* conversation on January 16.

*This year we are recording our LIVE Cosmic Conversations inside the private group. We will be featuring your personal music and turning each conversation into a podcast episode. You can listen wherever you get your podcasts...and may even hear your own music on the episode! More links to come!

Who is Peter Zinovieff? 

Most may know him as the founder of EMS and a "Synth Pioneer," but from our research, he would prefer to be remembered for the use of computers to facilitate the process of splicing tape.

He hated working with tape!

"What the Future Sounded Like," is one of our favorite mini-docs and will get you all caught up. Once you are caught up, feel free to share other articles, videos or album links in the private group

Recommended Listening:
Peter Zinovieff, "Electronic Calendar - The EMS Tapes(1964-79)"

Read more about this album HERE which also includes a link to a download (click at your own risk)

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