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Who is Halim El-Dabh?

Halim El-Dabh with a Reel to Reel Recorder
For the month of April, our private facebook group, the Cosmic Tape Music Club, will be focusing our collective research on the Egyptian-American tape music pioneer, Halim El-Dabh.
Please join us in the group to help us in our mission, to learn and share, and be part of the LIVE* conversation on January 16.

*This year we are recording our Cosmic Conversations as Podcast episodes. You can listen wherever you get your podcasts...Listen to previous episodes
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Who is Halim El-Dabh? 

Most may know him as the pioneer behind the first known work ever composed by electronic means, and also the first intended for electronic presentation. And yes, it was made using a Wire Recorder.
But, what he was capturing is even more fascinating than how he captured it. 
The clip above gives you some insight into how he thinks about music, and will invite you into his world of sound. Once you are caught up, feel free to share other articles, videos or album links in the private group
Recommended Listening:

"Crossing Into the Electric Magnet" is a collection of his early work with a Wire Recorder and his subsequent works at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Studio (where Wendy Carlos also studied!).

Track 3 is the now infamous "Wire Recorder Piece" from 1944 that is recognized at the first piece of electronic tape music. But it was originally titled, " Expressions of Zaar (Ta'abir al-Zaar)" and premeired at an art gallery in Cairo.

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