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Watch Us Launch a Model Rocket!

So what’s been up with us lately…

Oh, do you mean…besides our recent Rocket Launch??

What a fun day!!! But truly, we've been working on so much!! 

Currently, we are waiting on Tomorrow Was Better Yesterday Vinyl and Reel to Reel albums to complete production and arrive on our doorstep. 

Then we can ship all the rewards out to our Kickstarter backers (if this is you and you need your code to place your order in our Shop, please email us!), then pre-orders will ship out and anyone else who ordered after that.

While we are waiting for this glorious day to arrive, we recorded a new cosmic drone album for you.

So, get ready to bust out your best surround sound system for when Tomorrow Was Better Yesterday physical albums arrive…and once that album drops you off on Planet Zorb - get ready to chill out in the cosmic drone zone with our new album…coming soon!

In the real mean time…a BIG gigantic, massive, can’t-miss Holiday Sale is coming to our online SHOP!

If you want to be on the Early Bird list, join us >> HERE << for:

  • CRAZYYYY Discounts!!
  • New Products 😱
  • …including that new music we mentioned…wink wink 😉 ...get ready to enter the drone zone 🤤 
  • AND… so much more is coming soon!!!

    ….you can be the FIRST to know it all!!

                      Join us HERE!


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