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To 2024... and Beyond!

🚀👨‍🚀😄 As we wrap up another year of life on this sci-fi planet we call Earth, we have much to appreciate & look back on. Most importantly, we thank you for being part of this journey with us. What a ride it has been!

The Galaxy Electric Joshua Tree

We recently caught you up on our move back to LA, and that pretty much covers it on the personal side of things. ;)

For music however, this has been quite a year!

For starters, we enjoyed another year of live streaming on Twitch, and growing with all the wonderful communities there! *We will be back at our normal schedule for streaming next week…stay tuned!*

We met so many new Synth Friends, and even enjoyed meeting some in real life! (a deeper Synth Friends recap is coming soon…)…

...Like when we went to Berlin for Superbooth! Our first time ever!! An unforgettable experience that we had the immense joy of capturing for our new members club, The Vortex!

Speaking of…

That’s where we’ve been releasing new music, videos, interviews, gear reviews & tutorials!

Here’s a rundown of the past few month’s releases inside The Vortex:

The Galaxy Electric Superbooth

SUPERBOOTH ’23 Coverage:


The Galaxy Electric Teenage Engineering



The Galaxy Electric Buchla Cosmic Drone


The Galaxy Electric Live

 3 *NEW* Full Length Performance Videos were added!

And then, there’s the Secret Music that we keep in our X-FILES. This is where the fun is!

First we released a 12-track album called “Tape Stuff” featuring archival material we’ve crafted over the years, all using tape machines, recorded to tape!

The Galaxy Electric tape stuff

Then, of course, there is the new album, BUCHLA CALIFORNIA 2018The response to this has been insane. Thank you all so much! We do plan to release it publicly, and that’s why The Vortex is so important, it supports us in the process, so we can keep making new pieces for everyone to enjoy and share.

The Galaxy Electric Buchla California 2018

Most recently, we started releasing pieces from a very new and larger project, originated in Joshua Tree.

The first piece from it premiered as part of the Colorado Modular Synth Society’s December Skies Event. We called it, “Sunset in Joshua Tree,” and it features footage filmed by our partner in art, Ariana Hodes, and live recordings of the spectrum of experimentation we like to dabble in.

The Galaxy Electric Sunset in Joshua Tree

The second piece of this was released on New Year’s Eve. It's a track that came from this project and had such a hopeful message for 2024, that we felt it imperative to share with The Vortex members at this perfect time. It’s called “A New year’s Hope,” and features the footage of the live recording as well as the track itself.

The Galaxy Electric A New year's Hope

2023 took us on a wild ride, and 2024 is already coming in hot. What we have in store for our members in The Vortex is out of this world, and we hope you can join us there!

The Galaxy Electric Voyager VIP

You can join as a monthly member to try it out. Or level up to annual membership, which gets you that Collector’s Coin we all love so much! Individually numbered, by the way!!

Happy 2024, may all your wishes come true, and may you find each cosmic moment to revel in as we journey on this planet together! 

Stay Cosmic, 
Augustus & Jacqueline

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