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The Story of Us

Hello there…we had an idea! Why not introduce ourselves and tell you the story of our creative partnership…whether you’ve known us for ages, or are new to the Cosmic Crew…we hope this connects with you 😊

Augustus and I (Jacqueline) are a married couple - and have been for almost 14 years!

Music is what brought us together - we fell in love with each other’s talents and passion to make music the focus of our lives.

We have not followed a “traditional” path in life (if we had a nickel for every time we were asked “when are you having kids?” 😉)

…and it has required sacrifice and steadfast dedication.

We couldn’t have done it without each other. We are true partners in everything and nothing compares to the happiness that brings us.

The Galaxy Electric was born out of our creative partnership and is the vessel for our imaginations.

We spent years following the path of the “traditional” music industry - attempting to make radio friendly tunes, begging for press coverage, touring constantly….and going broke.

We lost our way and our passion for the music.

In 2017, we made the crazy decision to stop everything we were doing and get back to the basics…..Hiding away in our studio for an entire year chasing the sound and letting it be our guide.

We turned down dozens of gigs, got dropped by our management, and were written off as “too experimental” by some labels who were initially interested in releasing our next album.

Some days we were really scared we had made the wrong decision.

But it was all worth it. Our woodshed time was a total breakthrough and we have no regrets. With that time, we rediscovered our passions and a new way of playing music together.

When we began sharing our live videos and talking about the early electronic and tape music pioneers who inspired us - a truly cosmic thing happened….

we found our Crew! Like-minded cosmic explorers, like you, who are excited by the sounds of the past as they looked to a bright, space age future.

We know our music doesn’t fit into a “traditional” industry box or a proper Spotify algorithm - but that’s why this version of the future is so great.

It means we can stay true to our vision and send our transmissions directly to you and others like us who are searching for the same sounds.

In 2020, we are stepping outside our comfort zone 😬

….which is why we are so glad we have you as our cosmic partners in this endeavor.

This will be a big year for us as we plan to release a lot of new recorded music into the universe.

We are grateful to be connected with you in this wonderful, futuristic way and know that you will help us to welcome all the cosmic explorers we meet this year into the Crew!

Here’s to a Cosmic Tape Music-filled Year!

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  • Thank you, It’s great to know the background to the music. Your crew, ‘US’ have your back, so to speak! All the very best for 2020. As for me, I’ve nearly saved enough to get my Revox repaired!

    Steve Apostolides

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