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Sun Ra: the Myth & the Synths - Podcast Episode 2 out now!

Sun Ra Cosmic Tape Music Club Podcast

Episode 2
of the Cosmic Tape Music Club Podcast, hosted by The Galaxy Electric is officially available for your listening pleasure!

In our most cosmic podcast episode ever, we are covering Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Space Arkestra. If you love cosmic jazz, alien abduction stories, or even esoteric philosophy...you will seriously dig this episode! 

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  • Actually, there IS a way to tweak a DX7. What you do is open up the algorithms and scroll through them while you are playing it. I no longer own a DX7 but I did a lot of this on a DX100 using the same method: https://electronicdelights.bandcamp.com/track/stages

    Mike Hovancsek
  • Saw him and the Arkestra play San Jose State in 1975 as an undergraduate. Changed my approach to electronic music in a second!! Keyboard, guitar, and two mics going into a single twin reverb amp; and balanced perfect with the rest of the band! When on the road with Los Microwaves, we were loading out from Danceteria from the night before while Sun Ra’s band was loading in. The band was outside selling LPs with one-of-a-kind hand drawn jackets! I regret not having money to buy one!

    David Javelosa
  • Definitely one of the kings of the Afro-Futurism movement, along with Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix. A brilliant example for the next generation of experimental/outside musicians. Rock on!

    David Javelosa
  • thank you for this podcast. it’s been a great listening experience. sun ra is one of my favorite artists (together with yoko ono).


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