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Patch & Tell: A Modular Synthesizer Meetup

Making music with modular synthesizers is like world building. It's endless, it completely sucks you in, and you tune out the rest of the world. This is true for deciding which modules to use, how to use them, and patching them up to make sound. When you finally come up for air and are happy with your sound, usually there is no one around to celebrate with you. 

It can be a very solitary exploration. So we decided to start a meetup in our area. 

Patch & Tell is a casual gathering of Modular Synthesizer enthusiasts of all levels and types. So far, we've had people with all in one solutions, easy to carry travel kits, and rigs that need two people to carry them inside!

This past month we had a variety of guests show off a patch they pre-built, and played for the group. We caught it on film so we can share it with you. At the meetup, we have a Q&A session for each synthesist, but you'll have to attend for all the inside info ;)

Check out the video on our IGTV channel to see what its all about! 

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