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*NEW* Music Video Premiere for "Stardust"

Greetings Cosmic Voyager!

Have you been enjoying the new single we released last week? - our cover of the classic tune, Stardust… (Listen HERE)

Today, we are premiering the new music video for Stardust, that will transport you right out of this world into a space age dreamscape…

You can watch it now on our Youtube channel — and while you’re there, go ahead and hit that Subscribe button!

New Videos premiere about two to three times a week, and now you won’t miss any of them!

We think you are going to really dig this video and we want to make sure as many cosmic explorers who need a quick voyage will be able to watch it too!

So, here’s how you can partner with us on this mission:

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Now… strap in for your voyage…



Grateful for you,

Augustus & Jacqueline

The video you are about to watch was created by Michelle Pan. Find her work here: 

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