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New Music Video for "GHOST" Out Now!


Our good "Synth Friend" Grant Bouvier (aka Midi Lizard) has created a fantastic, mesmerizing new music video for the track, GHOST, off the new Buchla California 2018 album!

CD here: https://thegalaxyelectricshop.com/products/buchla-california-2018-cd

This song features the Buchla Music Easel, as the entire album is an ode to this magical instrument designed by Don Buchla. The analog retro-futurism is front and center for this piece. And the video, created by Grant pairs perfectly as a minimal exploration in video synthesis - a journey through the deep sea... or is it deep space? Only the jellyfish knows!

Everything about this video, and the music too,Ā  is DIY, independently sourced, created & shared. Any views, likes, comments, shares, donations/tips, purchases, streams, shout-outs and encouragement is not required, but allows the furtherance of our explorations. šŸ™

šŸ”® Follow Grant Bouvier on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/midi_lizard/

šŸš€ šŸŽµ Purchase the album on CD & stream here: https://thegalaxyelectricshop.com/products/buchla-california-2018-cd

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