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"Music for Teleportation" is out today!

The Galaxy Electric "Music for Teleportation"
The Galaxy Electric, "Music for Teleportation" (SHAM012)

Some friends of ours in the UK run a super cool music label that supports new work and new artists. They asked us if they could release something new of ours... and we're so glad they did! 

Because now you can stream, download and buy this new music!

Grab your headphones, get cozy and close your eyes...you're in for a ride 


Do you love traveling at the speed of light?

....while cosmic rays shine around you like a disco ball of electricity?

Then you'll love this 17 minute round trip through the cosmos!

We premiered this piece live on April 25 for the Colorado Modular Synth Society "April Skies" event - we also happened to record that live performance to our trusty TEAC A-3440 Reel to Reel Tape Recorder. Love when that works out. ;) 

Featuring the use of our buchla format modular synthesizer

- Mellotron M4000D Mini
- A small LEM 3U buchla format modular synthesizer
- Various Tape Loops, Sound Devices, Effects Units, Loopers
- Vocals

The first live performance of this piece premiered on April 25 for the Colorado Modular Synth Society's "April Skies" event. It was recorded live to 1/4" analog tape.

"Music for Teleportation" is now available for digital download via Bandcamp or streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. 


  • Hi Jacqueline and Augustus Cosmic Captains great to hear “Teleportation” its spurred me on to play my Galaxy Electric CDs over the weekend. Upweand onwards into infinity 🚀

    Denis Canavan
  • Terrific piece my double-vinyl just showed up in the mail today I can’t wait to get home and listen to it after work I’m a musician also you guys are very very inspiring thank you keep up the Fantastic work

    John west

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