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Interview with Sine Mountain aka David Soto: Podcast Episode 7 Out Now!

Sine Mountain Cosmic Tape Music Club Podcast
Episode 7 of the Cosmic Tape Music Club Podcast, hosted by The Galaxy Electric is officially available for your listening pleasure!


We are keeping the Interviews rolling, and thanks to all of you that answered our recent poll - KEEPING IN the tangents and fun side conversations that came up in this week's episode with Modular Synthesist Sine Mountain aka David Soto. 
You may also know him from the Colorado Modular Synth Society - an amazing community that supports experimentation and leaving your ego at the door! In this episode, you will get to know David, his project Sine Mountain, and why we should all be excited about the future of the Synth community!

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And if you want to check out the video, we have uploaded the episode to our Youtube page

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