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How to Listen to "Tomorrow Was Better Yesterday" on Vinyl

Our new album is out now! Get your Vinyl copy (and stream the music) here:
🚀  https://thegalaxyelectricshop.com/twbyvinyl 🚀

When we put together this new release, we wanted to make sure it was the highest quality collector's item possible.

With 17 tracks totaling nearly an hour... all recorded live to 1/4" reel to reel tape, we had a lot of decisions to make.

  • How many discs will it take to fit all the music?
  • What speed should we choose? 33rpm or 45rpm?
  • Where should we make the side breaks?

The way we decided was to make sure each decision led to the highest quality pressing and the best listening experience.

That is why we chose a Double Vinyl LP at 45rpm.

So when you are listening to our new album, "Tomorrow Was Better Yesterday," on VINYL....remember to set your player to 45rpm.

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you enjoyed this Vinyl PSA. 'Til next time! 👋

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