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Happy New Year! 🎉

What are you looking FORWARD to in 2020? 🥂🌟

The Galaxy Electric - 2020

Remember Hipstamatic?! lol

This is how we started the last decade - in 2010 - we played our first SXSW shows.
A real dream come true, that ended up being more about making memories with friends than "making it" in the "industry." 😆

As we embark on a new decade - we have a lot to be grateful for...and a lot to look forward to!
We've developed our artistry in ways the two people in this picture never could have imagined. (truly they have no idea what they are in for!)

We gained so much support and new fans these past few years - people we get to interact with in an authentic and fun way every day. (the best part of it all!)

In 2020, we are looking forward to creating more art and releasing more music than ever before. Get ready...it's coming your way soon!

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