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Do You Need a New Playlist?

👩‍🚀 right now feels like a good time to just lift off straight out of this atmosphere and zoom around in another galaxy...⁠

Obviously, much like that 1966 jetpack test, we aren't going anywhere...⁠

⁠staying home is normal for us. we work from home, we make music from home, we live-stream from home...so if we didn't know any better, everything would be business as usual for us...⁠

⁠except that we can't buy eggs or bread or take in a movie at our local indie theater...⁠

⁠and of course, the extreme concern and anxiety we are feeling...⁠

⁠we know this shift is not normal for many of you, so we wanted to make something to help you through your work-from-home days...⁠

⁠a small thing that may brighten your day or distract you for about 90 minutes...⁠

⁠So if you are looking for a new Spotify playlist to follow, and groove to...we made one!⁠

⁠We called it "Modern Retro-Futurists" and it is filled with groovy, spacey, psych jams from the 90s and beyond...⁠

⁠you may even find our new tune, "Stardust," in the mix ;) ⁠

Listen HERE and let us know if you enjoy!⁠

⁠As always, we are here for you...with music, and a listening ear...reach out if you need to <3⁠


**PS...something special coming on Thursday...keep your eyes peeled 👁 **

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