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Countdown to 2021

As we turn the page from 2020 into 2021, the question of what we have planned for this new year has come up a lot! ...From ourselves, but also fans and friends, like you! So we had an idea, why not share our reflections on all the amazing things we did together in 2020....and give you a glimpse of what we have in the works for a brighter, happier, fitter new year! 

When we started putting this list together, we got overwhelmed. Did we really do all this in 2020? The year of a global pandemic, life-changing elections, and economic stresses beyond the norm? We really, really did. And we include you in this, because our community is the reason it was all possible. So, here is a brief snapshot of all that we did together in the year that shall no longer be named:

7. We released our very first cover song (and VIDEO!) for "Stardust" 

6. We launched 10 new items in our Shop over a 10 Day "Cosmic VIP Sale" that was more fun than any sale we've ever experienced! Remember these videos? 

5. Our Cosmic Tape Music Club grew to over 1800 members with weekly Live Conversations covering our favorite early electronic music pioneers...catch up on these topics on our Youtube Page and Join the Club HERE 

4. Tape Loop MANIA!! We started sharing our custom-made tape loops with the galaxy, and discovered how much they are loved (and loathed haha). Everything from the fun shell colors to the creative ways we found to make them longer...to adding custom sci-fi sounds to them, 2020 was a fun year for tape loops! 

3. This one is BIG. Together, we raised over $11,000 in our very first Kickstarter campaign. With your help, we were able to finish and release our second album, Tomorrow Was Better Yesterday on pretty much every format you can imagine...even Reel to Reel!! This was a dream come true and your support and enthusiasm blew us completely away. We are forever grateful for this. 

2. We can't forget our weekly Live Buchla Cosmic Drone sessions. We're pretty sure this is what kept us the most sane throughout 2020. We love doing these and found that so many of you loved them too. It's the perfect way to connect with our favorite sounds and send them out to you for some needed relaxation and focus. 

1. And guess what? YOU demanded that we release a drone album...so we did! In December, we released our first Buchla Cosmic Drone album on CD, cassette and...DVD! So you can also watch us perform (with up close shots on the buchla) and enjoy the recordings. 


This was a super fun countdown to help us reflect on what an amazing year we had....because of you! The Cosmic Tape Music community we have built together means everything to us. 

So here is our Count UP for 2021... let us know what you think of our plans, and what has you the most excited!

1. Cosmic Tape Music Club Podcast!! Each month we will focus on one early electronic music pioneer in our private group. This will also become a podcast episode. We are planning to release our first pioneer this week, so stay tuned!

2. New songs for a new album...this is still in the works, but one thing we can tell you is that we are going back to our Psych Pop roots, while infusing all that we've learned from our improv sessions. These new songs will feature our favorite UK drummer, Neil Bullock, who played on many of Broadcast's albums. We can't WAIT for you to hear these funky, space-y new jams! 

3. More Drones. We love doing these live for you and plan to continue this practice monthly at the very least. Are you still enjoying these escapes from reality? 

4. Spring Cleaning...we love to make space for new ideas, even if it's a virtual clean-up! So we are planning to tidy up our Shop, which means some items will go away forever and many will be on Sale. Keep an eye out for this, as it will be MEGA!

5. Celebrating the anniversary of "Everything is Light and Sound," released in 2016. Can you believe it will be 5 years this June since we released our first album? We have something very special planned to celebrate. Stay tuned!

6. LIVE Shows!! This is one thing we are the most excited about. Did we plan on touring again soon? Yes. Did we expect a pandemic to shut down the entire industry? No. We expect 2021 will be more of the same, so we plan to step up our virtual game and bring a concert right to your living room! *taking requests!

7. And most important of all....shipping out all the orders for the new album. We can't wait to get these vinyl and reel to reel albums in your hands. As we expected, it is all taking longer than it should for alllllllllll the reasons, but we are so close now, which is getting us so excited again. Before we know it, we will all be spinning those space-y tracks and lifting off to another galaxy. 

In 2020, we met and connected with hundreds, if not thousands of amazing fans, friends, collaborators, peers, coaches, supporters, patrons, subscribers, and fellow creators around the globe. 

May 2021 bring us even more inspiration and cosmic connections. 

To Infinity...

Augustus & Jacqueline

P.S. Experience the cosmic bliss of our buchla drone music. The new album, Celestial Points, is available here: https://thegalaxyelectricshop.com/celestialcd



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  • Hey Jacqueline and Augustus, Wow your plans for 2021 are looking good and you’ll be busy. I like your plans and most of all your live music plan. Best wishes 👍🛸

    Denis Canavan

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