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Can you 🎶 Name that Tune? 🎶

We are simply jumping out of our skin with excitement to share this news with you today. 

You may know, we’ve been hard at work in the studio recording a new track for you. 

And this time, it is like nothing we’ve ever done…

because it’s a COVER!!! Our very very first!

We’ve received many requests over the years to do a cover in the cosmic tape music style. But we wanted to get it right. (no pressure!)

We even had specific song requests….but eventually we landed on one that felt like the perfect challenge. 

Now, it wouldn’t be any fun if we just came out and said it…so we thought we’d play a little game. 

If you can guess which song it is, we will send you an advanced snippet of the track before its release. 

We can’t wait to share more, but for now…have fun with our little guessing game!

🎶 Name That Tune 🎶​

Clue #1: Some argue my name is two words, while others claim it is one

Clue #2: I have been recorded over 1500 times

Clue #3: A version of me was used to wake up the crew of a Space Shuttle Mission

*Leave a comment* with your best guess (or send us an email at info [at] the galaxy electric dot com) 

Happy guessing!

- Augustus & Jacqueline

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  • I would go with ’’Birthday’’ by the Beatles (because of clue # 1!)

    Pierre Lefebvre

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