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Buchla California 2018 Now Available on CD

“From tonal to experimental, the immense flexibility of the Easel is on full display across Buchla California 2018...Simply put, the range of music here is a masterclass for anyone interested in Music Easel patching and performance.”
- Perfect Circuit Blog

The day is finally here - after much ado, and some manufacturing mishaps, we present to you, Buchla California 2018 on one of our most reliable formats - the Compact Disc!

The Galaxy Electric Buchla California 2018 CD

We've been so hyped about this, and hope you will enjoy listening to this new CD in your car or home stereo.

Thanks for being on this voyage with us, and for all the love for this album. We have a few more surprises coming this week related to this.

Stay tuned, and stay cosmic!!

- Augustus & Jacqueline

P.S>....Oh.... and yes, we were surprised by this thoughtful and glowing review from the Perfect Circuit Blog about the album (we swear we had NO idea they were doing this!!).

Here are some screenshots so you can read it more easily, or use the link and scrolll alllll the way to the last review - after enjoying the other albums they feature too! - to read it on their site:  https://www.perfectcircuit.com/signal/bandcamp-picks-feb-2024

The Galaxy Electric Buchla California 2018 Perfect Circuit Blog

     The Galaxy Electric Buchla California 2018 Perfect Circuit Blog

And perhaps even more surprising, was the post Buchla USA made on both Facebook and Instagram recommending the album to their followers. Did you see that? It floored us!! 

The Galaxy Electric Buchla USA

This is all to say - we are so humbled and overjoyed by the response to this secret album. It was purely meant for our Vortex members (join today for a discount on the CD!) - but the response was so strong, and the demand to make it public overwhelming!

We had no idea this would happen, and we are so grateful to you, the listener, for supporting us throughout this cosmic journey! 

We hope you find the album uplifting, and do let us know what you think in the comments or by email. 

Thank you!!!

The Galaxy Electric Buchla California 2018 CD


  • Stephen – Thank you so much for letting us know that this CD wasn’t allowing ANYONE to purchase it! Oh my goodness, the shipping connection was blocked, and so it just wasn’t working at all. I’m so grateful you let us know. It is fixed now, and I don’t know if you’ll see this because it doesn’t let me “Reply” to you directly, but hopefully others will get the message to, thanks to you!

  • Aren’t you shipping to the UK?
    Neither your website nor Shop let me select my UK address for shipping

    Stephen Wright

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