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A Space Age Adventure

Just as the leaves were starting to change, we took a drive out of Brooklyn into the Hudson Valley. 

It was a very brisk day and the first we had to dig out coats and things for our outdoor adventure. 

On the drive up, we wound and wound, taking in all the glory of the river and its surrounding tree lines. A breathtaking view, and one that is a bit scary at times. 

This adventure had been talked about for almost a year - and we finally made it happen - without realizing it was perfectly timed for the glorious splendor of early fall. 

We reached our destination - Storm King Art Park - with much anticipation. Usually this is a bad thing - setting yourself up for a lackluster experience. But we could never have set up ourselves up for how amazing this was going to be. 

It is a 500 acre park filled with giant sculptures! A good many of them have been there since the 60s and 70s. It is breathtaking. 

We wanted to stay forever, but ended up only scratching the surface before tiring out! 

I call this A Space Age Adventure because it felt like being on another planet, or inside someone's imagination from another time. 

Each sculpture looked different as you walked toward it, and around it, and took in the beauty of the nature around it. It was hard to tell which was the art - the sculptures or the rolling hills with changing leaves. 

An experience we will not quickly forget. There will be a lot of photos (took a bunch with my Holga camera) and videos from this experience on our facebook and instagram, so stay tuned! 

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