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A Sci-Fi Radio Play

If you followed our album release, you may have seen us on a livestream reading Retro Sci-Fi short stories while improvising with synths and tape loops. 

And you may have read that our album, "Tomorrow Was Better Yesterday," has a story to it. Not just something that ties the songs together, but a space odyssey that will carry you to the past, and through wormholes into new galaxies. 

Thanks to Richard Knight, whose program - The 4 Points Are Thus Beheld is on SoundArt Radio (102.5 FM) - we were able to bring our true vision for this album to life!  - Pairing our love for Retro Sci-Fi storytelling with improvised sound art and the songs from the album

The above radio program features the entirety of the new album, along with the narration of the story that weaves throughout...with a brand new sound collage using our buchla modular synthesizer behemoth to carry you through the experience. 

This is how we always intended for you to enjoy this new album. We hope it carries you to far away lands and inspires you to explore the unknown! 

Until next time cosmic voyager. Safe galactic travels! 

Listen to more of Richard's radio programs on his mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/gleamingemptysky/

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The Galaxy Electric - Tomorrow Was Better Yesterday


  • what a fantastical weird journey across dimensions,senses and times.

  • this was brilliant. loved every minute. thank you for sharing


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