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2023 Retrospective: SYNTH FRIENDS Edition

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2024 (again)! šŸŽ‰šŸš€šŸŽ¶

We love celebrating special moments, and nothing inspires us more than our SYNTH FRIENDS!!!

To celebrate this New Year, we are looking back on 2023 and taking stock of all the amazing fun we had, and soooo many new friends we made!!!


For fun, we put together this compilation of one clip from every SYNTH Friends Episode in 2023. We did 24 Episodes in all!!!

Take a few minutes to soak in the ponderings of our amazing new friends, and use the Index in the Video Description to find everyone on their Youtubes - or even go back and re-watch an episode that strikes your fancy! (We linked them in the Description too!)

We had soooo much fun hanging out with all of you on the streams in 2023 and are so excited for what 2024 has in store. Stay tuned and Stay Cosmic!

Oh - and we'd love know which episode stood out to you! (Drop us a comment or an email!)Ā 

Happy New Year,Ā 

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  • I loved the video you sent me!

    Megan Phillipps

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