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2 Synth Friends Walk into the Korova Milk Bar

It's Finally HERE!!!!! 

Our next full length album is a collaboration with our very good "Synth Friend' Drew (or DROOG in this instance) Mulholland. A concept album called "Muzak From the Korova Milk Bar" and we could not possibly be more excited about it. 

It will be available on May 10 through SubExotic Records in the UK on Limited Edition Vinyl and Digital. 

Check back soon for more fun explorations of the new album, along with links to pre-order.

Pre-ORDER starts Friday May 3rd at this site:  https://subexoticrecords.bandcamp.com/album/muzak-from-the-korova-milkbar

Official Press Release:


The Galaxy Electric & Droog Mulholland


This collaboration is full of synchronicities that go all the way back to 2020, when The Galaxy Electric (Jacqueline Caruso & Augustus Green) started conjuring the melodies and arrangements for this project - without knowing what it would be for. Their obsession with Retro Sci-Fi films & TV shows was thoroughly indulged during the COVID lockdown:

"It was our “escape” out of reality. Shows like The X-Files, Dr. Who, and movies like Forbidden Planet and Clockwork Orange were our strange bedfellows guiding us to create music like we’d never made before."

The result was a mix of electronica, psych pop and retro-futurism blending together to form music fit for the Korova Milkbar. As they emerged from this cocoon of sci-fi isolation, Jacqueline & Augustus began reaching out, connecting online with other obsessives:

"Through our shared love of BBC Radiophonic Workshop Sound FX Records, we connected instantly and deeply with Drew Mulholland. Across time zones and land masses, our connection sparked creative collaboration like we’ve never known, and this new project was re-born. We knew in an instant that those forgotten ideas were meant for this moment. And thus began the files flying back and forth - until the synchronicities became fully manifest into what is now Muzak From the Korova Milkbar..

Drew may tell it differently, but the sense of nostalgia, deja vu & mystical connection remains the same. A project we could have never set out to produce on our own, and that was always meant to be created with Drew. A dream fulfilled.


Muzak From The Korova Milkbar will be released on 10th May 2024 via digital platforms and limited edition pressed vinyl.


  • That’s great news guys. About time too.

  • Wow! Cannot wait to hear it, and on vinyl!

  • that all sounds so amazing!

    Megan Phillipps

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